What Squid is not

Squid acts only as an HTTP proxy. It is not a general purpose proxy (so it cannot normally take the place of a firewall proxy.

Squid is based on the HTTP/1.1 specification. Squid can only proxy for programs that use this protocol for Internet access. Browsers, for example, use this specification; their primary function is the display of retrieved web data, using the HTTP protocol.

FTP clients, on the other hand, often support proxy servers, but do not communicate with them using the HTTP protocol. These clients will not be able to understand the replies that Squid sends.

Squid is also not a generic proxy, and only handles a small subset of all possible Internet protocols: Quake, News, RealAudio and Video Conferencing will not work through Squid. Squid only supports UDP for inter-cache communication - it does NOT support any client program that uses UDP for it's communication, which excludes many multimedia programs.