(PHP 4 >= 4.0.3)

ovrimos_connect -- Connect to the specified database


int ovrimos_connect ( string host, string db, string user, string password)

ovrimos_connect() is used to connect to the specified database.

ovrimos_connect() returns a connection id (greater than 0) or 0 for failure. The meaning of 'host' and 'port' are those used everywhere in Ovrimos APIs. 'Host' is a host name or IP address and 'db' is either a database name, or a string containing the port number.

Пример 1. ovrimos_connect() Example

$conn = ovrimos_connect ("server.domain.com", "8001", "admin", "password");
if ($conn != 0) {
    echo "Connection ok!";
    $res=ovrimos_exec ($conn, "select table_id, table_name from sys.tables");
    if ($res != 0) {
        echo "Statement ok!";
        ovrimos_result_all ($res);
        ovrimos_free_result ($res);
The above example will connect to the database and print out the specified table.