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The Full Scoreboard
Top 20 Non-Core-Team Netfilter Hackers
Fabrice Marie 48 Kis-Szabo Andras 43
Jan Rekorajski 26 Jozsef Kadlecsik 20
Andries van Schie 20 Brad Chapman 18
Emmanuel Roger 17 Philip Blundell 15
Martin Josefsson 14 Marco Masetti 14
Svenning Soerensen 13 Guilherme Ude Braz 12
Bert Hubert 9 Sampsa Ranta 8
Jay Schulist 7 Gianni Tedesco 7
Sven Koch 6 Patrick Schaaf 6
Melanie Berg 6 Christophe Burki 6

Security Fixes
April 16 2001 Security weakness in ip_conntrack_ftp: patch recommended.

Netfilter Releases
May 07 2001 iptables 1.2.2: What's Changed
March 19 2001 iptables 1.2.1a: What's Changed
January 8 2001 iptables 1.2: What's Changed
October 11 2000 iptables 1.1.2: What's Changed



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Harald Welte has the following useful netfilter-related hacking documents:

Oskar Andreasson has written a step-by-step tutorial on setting up a firewall based on iptables/netfilter. It's available at

There is also a copy of the slides of Rusty's LinuxWorld Tutorial online, or a better version contributed by Marcomas at

There is also Rusty's tutorial from Xuventude Galicia Net, Santiago, in Magicpoint.

The second (serious) part of Rusty's Random Hacking Talk given in Australia, La Coruna University Spain, and Aberystwyth Wales. Also in Magicpoint: read the comments for the much more information.

CVS Server
You can access the CVS server in two ways. For casual browsing, you can use the web interface . To grab the latest sources, you can do the following:
  1. Log in to the SAMBA cvs server anonymously:
    cvs -d login
  2. When it asks you for a password type `cvs'.
  3. Check out the code using:
    cvs -d co netfilter
  4. To update to the latest version, use
    cvs update -d -P

Mailing List
Join the netfilter mailing list: see for details (thanks Tridge)

This is where all problems and comments should be directed.

There is also a devel list for code questions: (thank Tim!)

If you're looking for ipchains for the 2.2 kernels, I've moved them to here.

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